Operation Morning Yellow, Phase 1

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Operation Morning Yellow, Phase 1 Empty Operation Morning Yellow, Phase 1

Post by LuvEvol on Wed Jul 29, 2015 10:45 pm

'Evening, Ladies and Gents of The Shadow Remnant!

Phase 1? WUT IN THE SAM HILL IS THAT MEAN!? Well, imaginary redneck clan member, that's an excellent question, to which I have an equally excellent answer. I've been monitoring the intake of Morning Yellow pigments since day 1 of it's start, and quite frankly, I think we're all going to need a little elbow grease for this one. It drops from Leech Ospreys, which are purportedly the rarest of the mob type to spawn in Corpus missions (which, they seem to mostly spawn exclusively in Corpus Alerts to begin with). That, coupled with the fact that we need a few THIRTY FIVE THOUUUUSSANNNNDDDD of them. That being said, I don't think one contest weekend will do it enough justice, so I'm divvying this operation into multiple contest weekends until further notice.

What are we doing this weekend? Well, this phase, which will begin from Thursday evening and will end on Friday evening (Eastern Time), we will be doing a Run Competition, with a grand prize of 350 P. The way this'll work, is, you run a Corpus Alert (or a higher leveled corpus mission that spawns these little devils) with at least one clan member ranking Tactician or higher, and each successful run where pigments are collected will be one point for you towards this competition. If you are said Tactician or higher, please play along with my shenanigans and report successful runs with the clan members names to either me or my Lieutenant, Aetherys. The person with the most runs, and therefore the most points will be the winner of the prize. Tiebreaker will be a lucky draw.

For further example, let's say Warrior Schmuckatelli, Warrior Tyrone, Commander Cindy and Chieftain Joe do a run. Then each person would earn a point towards the competition. What if they decide to only do runs together and with no one else, and they end up with the most points as a squad? Then I would use a random number generator to pick a winner out of this squad.

Anyways, it's about time I got some shut-eye. Long working day ahead of me tomorrow. (If I fall asleep RIGHT NOW, I can get in 6 hours and 57 minutes of sleep  bounce ) If anyone has any questions about this, or has a fresh idea for a Phase 2 contest, feel free to pm me or any other higher rank that has a good grasp of this, or leave a reply to this post. 

(run-on sentence, too tired to care :p)

Happy Hunting, Warlord LuvEvol
The Shadow Remnant, Alliance Dominion

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Operation Morning Yellow, Phase 1 Empty Re: Operation Morning Yellow, Phase 1

Post by skeptre on Sat Aug 01, 2015 8:49 am

Already said this in game, but I think a screencap system with one large haul would work better, and provide more pigment in return. Also, rather than one large prize, maybe one relatively large prize, and two smaller ones? To encourage more than 2-3 people to try this. If two people have a clear head start, then others are immediately discouraged to try and win. Just my thoughts.


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