**Has been SUSPENDED Indefinitely** Last Man Standing Tournaments! -- Win Platinum, Prime Parts and Mods!

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**Has been SUSPENDED Indefinitely** Last Man Standing Tournaments! -- Win Platinum, Prime Parts and Mods!

Post by TheFreak1407 on Sat Aug 29, 2015 6:59 pm

Every last weekend of every month I will be having mini-tournaments in the clan/alliance based on a Last Man Standing game mode that is similar to TheFaitKO challenge. This is simply to dispel boredom many of you may have, so just look out for me inviting in Clan Chat.

There will be 3 Divisions split by MR(Mastery Rank). Division 3 will be MR[0-8]. Division 2 MR[9-13]. Division 1 will be MR[14-20]. Each division will have separate Groups to fight in the Tournaments. Needless to say, the better your Division, the better the Final Reward will be.

Current Referees:
[] TheFreak1407
[] Hentai-
[] LuvEvol
[] Dalmation27

Rules are simple:
1. Be the Last Man Standing in your Group.
2. Follow the Referee's rules.
3. Do not break the rules.
4. Have fun!

Let it be known that this is NOT PVP. In a sense. This is a Survival Mission where every player has a specific set of rules beset on them by the referee. You will fight until only one individual is left standing, where the mission will be aborted and the winner will move on.
As for the rules for each individual group, the Referee will decide what you can and cannot use. Abide by them as best you can.

Point System:
So to help you understand, here's how you win when you're in your group. Each player must earn 2 points to win in their group, after that they move onto the next round. To earn a point, you must win a LMS(Last Man Standing) round. This system will continue until it's down to 4 Final Players where a FaitKO style system will be used, Referee rules applied.

*ATTENTION* - Looking for Referee's. If you're interested, please PM me in game to discuss.

Time_Freak - Donated countless sets to contribute to the Last Man Standing prizes. Deserves all your praises. Applauds please. The biggest contributer to this Event and one of our closest friends. Hats off to you Freak, stay classy.

LuvEvol - First person to donate to the Tournament's events and helped boost its popularity. Thanks Luv.

Winners so Far

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