P&P Game Time - "Gun Eats Gunner" - Saturday 11/28/15 *COMPLETED- HIGHLIGHTS ON LAST POST*

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P&P Game Time - "Gun Eats Gunner" - Saturday 11/28/15 *COMPLETED- HIGHLIGHTS ON LAST POST*

Post by 12thTribe on Sun Nov 22, 2015 11:56 am

HEYO! Your clan is running a competition which will reward you with plat, prime parts, arcane helmets, arcane rewards, and syndicate items should you triumph! THIS IS TO PROMOTE OUR ALLIANCE VOICE CHANNEL ON "DISCORD".... YOU CANNOT BE ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE UNLESS YOU ARE IN THE CHANNEL WITH US.
Visit this link for direction to the Discord channel: http://dominionalliance.forumotion.com/t73-discord-voice-chat-for-all-clans

Are you a TNT master? Or a bumbling suicider?

"Gun Eats Gunner" Clan Battle Event

Game type inspired by Blezmeck
Game name inspired by LazyHawkGrief, from an Indonesian proverb of a sword eating its master

On our Dominion Alliance Discord channel. Gather up 10 mins prior to start if you don't want to miss out on all the action!

Saturday, November 28th @ 7pm EST (6pm CST / 5pm Mountain / 4pm PST)

The mission is Tower Survival (tower level TBD), and you must use only explosive weapons to lay waste to the enemy. The object is to stay on your feet the longest. The last person standing without going down either to enemy fire or self damage wins.

*****If you are low level and/or need to farm the gear required, let us know in the discord voice channel (found here: http://goo.gl/1Klfkm ) and a leader may help you gather it so you can succeed and win that plat! *****

RULES: (These may be adjusted, nothing is final until it is Razz )
1) Only using powers, primary, and secondary weapons, make war on the galaxy in a void tower survival mission.
2) When you go down due to totally diminished shields and health, you are out of the match and must die completely, waiting till match end for extract. **If you leave early after dying due to impatience, you will be disqualified from participating in future events (exceptions may be made for IRL issues, please let leadership know what's going on before leaving, we are reasonable but want to keep others having fun too).**
3) The last person left standing without going down once wins the battle between those 4 players.
5) Winners of the first bout will go on to play each other, determining the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and maybe 4th place prizes (depending on clan participation).

1) All 4 players must equip a DECAYING dragon key
2) All 4 players must equip a an explosive weapon that can inflict self damage (NO MELEE ALLOWED). You may equip a primary, and secondary.
Allowable Weapons Include:
-Castanas (& Sancti) --> Weapon MR required: 3 (& 6)
-Kulstar --> Weapon MR required: 4
-Penta (& Secura) --> Weapon MR required 6 (& 12)
-Angstrum --> Weapon MR required: 4
-Ogris --> Weapon MR required: 6

****IMPORTANT**** exceptions on allowable weapons will be made for anyone under MR 6, and will include any bow as long as it has a maxed "Thunderbolt" mod equipped... I have 10 thunderbolt mods to pass out if any of low rank bringing a bow needs one. Under MR 6 can bring:

-Attica --> Weapon MR required: 4
-Cernos --> Weapon MR required: 0
-Dread --> Weapon MR required: 0
-Paris (& Prime) --> Weapon MR required: 0 (& 4)
-Throwable secondaries (Kunai, Hikou, etc) with "Concealed Explosives" mod maxed

3) Allowable frames include

5) All winning players must provide a screenshot of their in-mission results to the leadership (Farakxis, Galewin, me, etc), and then IMMEDIATELY BACK OUT OF THE MATCH
6) IMPORTANT: Players will be assigned to teams based on similar mastery rank, so lower level players have just as much chance to win their battles.

bounce  bounce Mini-Games (take place during the event):  bounce  bounce
Salvo Hound - The player with the most kills from each team will receive their choice of:
-Orthos Prime set, Paris Prime Set, Boltor Prime set, or Soma Prime set.
-If 4 full teams play, then of the 4 winners, the one with the most kills has first choice from these options. Then 2nd, then 3rd, etc.

Lens Flare - All players load screenshots taken in game to Discord chat, depicting an explosion destroying the enemy. -Leadership will nominate the best three to be voted on by all participating, and the top 2 will choose from these prizes, 1st place getting first choice:
-Winner receives 10x R5 gold fusion cores and immediate promotion in Discord voice channel (grants more privileges in channel).
-Hikou Prime set, complete with "Concealed Explosives" Mod (+80% chance of explosion for Hikou, Kunai, Despair, Spira)

Rewards for "Gun Eats Gunner":
Winner's will be ranked as they've fallen in the final match. The last to fall will be the first to pick from these prize packages

TNT Mods Package-
-"Concealed Explosives" Mod (+80% chance of explosion for Hikou, Kunai, Despair, Spira)
-"Adhesive Blast" Mod (allows weapon-fired grenades to stick to surfaces).
-"Firestorm" Mod (increases the area-of-effect radius of the Ignis, Ogris, Penta, Torid, Opticor, and Tonkor)
-"Combustion Beam" Mod (causes enemies killed by beam weapons to explode, dealing up to 600 damage shortly after death.)

Prime Warframe
-Loki Prime

Syndicate Weapon
-Sancti Castanas

Arcane Helmet
-Excalibur Arcane Avalon helmet (Boosts shields at the expense of health)

Additionally, all players winning any bouts will be added to the end of month "Clan Conqueror" competition. See this post for more details on that additional reward set ( http://dominionalliance.forumotion.com/t75-clan-conqueror-giveaway-december-31st-2015#512 )

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Post by 12thTribe on Sun Nov 29, 2015 3:09 pm

Winning SS from "Lens Flair" mini-game: submitted by 12Xtinction

If you missed out on all the action for this event, we have some highlights to keep you in the know...

Three full teams battled in the first round:

Team 1: 12Xtinction, Cliawthrin, Chrisqo, Haarlock - WINNER: Chrisqo (Trinity P)
Chrisqo cleaned up pretty quickly in this match, wreaking havoc with his Penta, and linking enemies for survivability.

SS submitted by Haarlock

Team 2: MrSolemn, Shinobi_79, dismaldreamer - WINNER: Shinobi_79 (Loki P)
Shinobi took down the Warlord MrSolemn in a fast paced run with life support failing... feels good to stick it to the man, eh Shi?

Team 3: Blezmeck, rcfox, Gr8whyte, RanTheeMan - WINNER: Blezmeck (Trinity P)
These 4 players were all dressed to kill and had practiced this unique game type beforehand, so I was curious how it would play out... Gr8whyte had a huge handicap since he wasn't using the prescribed weapon for his MR. EVEN SO, he still made these higher rankers sweat bullets in a long drawn fight to the finish.

Loser's bracket (set up for late-joiners and losers from the first bout):
Cliawthrin, 12Xtinction, HaloInferno, dismaldreamer - WINNER: 12Xtinction (Zephyr)
12Xtinction took this bout, while still managing to display his ability to be a total badass while capturing proof of it.

SS submitted by 12Xtinction

MATCH FINALS: Chrisqo, Shinobi_79, 12Xtinction, Blezmeck - WINNER: Blezmeck
This bout was an absolute nail biter. There was total silence on the Discord voice channel as the players focused all their energies on not detonating their penta and castana rounds at the wrong time. Shinobi_79 was the first to go due to self-damage, and 12X lasted long enough to snap another great set of screenshots, but Chrisqo and Blezmeck had a stalemate due to lack of oxygen in the survival match... so they went to sudden death! Both players had to remove their mods, and go with Banshee's only, and I heard more than one expletive from them as they entered battle. Blezmeck ended this match by playing it safe and outlasting Chrisqo.

FINAL RANKINGS ARE: Blezmeck (1st place), Chrisqo (2nd place), 12Xtinction (3rd place), Shinobi_79 (4th place)


Mini-Game Winners:
Salvo Hound - For most kills in the first bout, rcfox was our winner! He chose a Boltor Prime set (it is being vaulted)

Lens Flair - For best in-game screen capture of things that go BOOM, the award went to 12Xtinction. He chose 10X r5 Gold cores, and immediate promotion in the DC channel.[/center]

Prizes given out as follows:
Chrisqo - Sancti Castanas
Shinobi_79 - Avalon Helmet, Hikou Prime
Blezmeck - Loki Set
12xtinction - Mods Package, 10x R5 Cores
Cliawthrin - Orthos Set
Mr. Solemn - Soma Set
rcfox - Boltor Set
12thxtinction - Paris Set


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