How to Farm Credits like a Boss (Shadow Remnant Style)

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How to Farm Credits like a Boss (Shadow Remnant Style) Empty How to Farm Credits like a Boss (Shadow Remnant Style)

Post by Sendrien on Fri Dec 09, 2016 10:13 pm

Greetings, clan!

It is with great enthusiasm that I would like to share with you a recent discovery. It is what I believe to be the most efficient method to farm credits in Warframe.

It's simple, it's repeatable, and it's INSANELY profitable.

How profitable, you ask? How about a 79x credit boost multiplier?

Cheat Sheet Version (TL;DR - Just tell me how to do it!)

Minimum Ingredients
1 Secura Lecta
1 Chroma
1 Nekros
1 Trinity
1 Void Fissure Infested Defense Mission

Quality of Life Ingredients
1 Mag
3 More Secura Lectas


1. Treat this like a normal defense, except you set up Chroma's Effigy on top of the cryopod. That will create a 7m radius circle around which ALL kills should be made via Secura Lecta. During this time, Nekros should be using Desecrate at all times, and Trinity should be spamming EV.

2. Use Mag's Pull if you have one in your party. Have Mag equip Stretch and Overextended, to maximize range and minimize damage.

3. Make this your first mission completed after 12:00 AM GMT to take advantage of the First Win Mission Bonus.

4. For best results, stay until Wave 85 and have a credit booster running on your account at the time.

Tips and Tricks

- Don't build melee range on the Secura Lecta as it will kill some enemies outside of Effigy's radius.
- Don't use Speed Nova, as Molecular Prime will steal some kills, resulting in credit loss.
- Don't try to increase Effigy's radius through range mods, it does not work.
- DO perform slide attacks directly into the cryopod, so that your warframe does not slide outside of the Effigy's radius.
- DO position warframes on either side of the cryopod, so that there is 360 degree coverage of all approaching enemies.
- DO bring mods that increase knockdown resistance, as the biggest danger to this strategy is being knocked away from the cryopod.

Void Fissure Credit Booster Strength

Wave 10 - 1.25x
Wave 35 - 1.50x
Wave 60 - 1.75x
Wave 85 - 2.00x

What is my Credit Multiplier? (Theorycrafting Section)

This farming method takes advantage of the following game mechanics, which are valid as of December 9, 2016:

- Nekros' Desecrate grants corpses a 54% chance to produce additional loot (dropping credits with the same probability as normally).
- Chroma's Effigy grants a 60% chance to produce an additional credit drop when an enemy is killed inside Effigy's radius.
- Credits picked up inside Chroma's Effigy radius yield 100% additional credits.
- Secura Lecta doubles the amount of credits dropped by enemies killed by the weapon.
- Void Fissure Endless missions grant a stacking 25% boost to credits earned during the mission every 5 intervals starting at interval 2, and capped at 100% boost, achieved at interval 17.
- Void Fissure credit boosters stack with Credit Boosters active on the player's account.
- First win of the day doubles credits earned for a single mission.
- First win of the day bonus resets at 12:00AM GMT.

Onto the multiplier math!

1.00   - Base credit multiplier
2.00   - Secura Lecta
3.08   - Nekros Desecrate
4.93   - Chroma Effigy credit spawn bonus
9.86   - Chroma Effigy credit boost on credit pickups
19.71 - First Win Bonus
39.42 - Account Credit Booster

49.28 - Wave 10
59.14 - Wave 35
68.99 - Wave 60
78.85 - Wave 85

Author's Notes

Everything above has been playtested and checked for accuracy to the best of my ability and knowledge. Please let me know if you find any other way to increase the multiplier, as this will benefit everyone in our clan greatly!

Special thanks to rcfox for the tip about First Mission of the Day.

If you're still reading, thanks for making it this far. I hope you've enjoyed the read, and hopefully you can benefit from this guide.


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